Visit Stony Creek NY

creek in fall

Located in Warren County, New York, Stony Creek is a spectacular place to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.  Stony Creek offers several forms of entertainment that will transport you back to a simpler time and allow you to unwind from the stresses of day to day life.  Stony Creek is a great place to get away at the fraction of the cost you would face if you were to visit more tourist heavy destinations.  Even having only minimal credit available to you due to a bad credit score you will still probably be able to make this trip.  If you need to obtain additional credit but need to first improve your credit, then we recommend fixing your credit or using a credit repair service that specializes in improving FICO scores through the removal of outdated and incorrect negative items from the reports by the 3 major credit bureaus.  Once you have your travel arrangements figured out then you will be all set to sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy a laid back vacation.

Residents of Stony Creek refer to the center of town as the “four corners”. This is the main social and business part of the town and where residents and visitors spend most of their time.  The “four corners” are:

The Stony Creek Inn

The Stony Creek Inn has been a mainstay of the town for over 100 years.  The Inn offers some music, mostly in the form of country, square dancing, and rock & roll, and a few rooms for patrons to stay in on the 2nd floor.  It also has acted as a weigh station during hunting season and has become a destination all of its own for many musicians.

The Creek Center Mercantile

This was the main general store in town and formerly known as “Floyd’s Mall” or “Winslow’s Store” named after its proprietor Floyd Winslow who passed away.  The Mercantile is still owned by the same family but has since shut down.  The family has lived in the town for many generations.

Tavern 16

Tavern 16 is a relatively new addition to the four corners.  It is a small bar built in the early 1990’s by Henry (“Hank”) and Toni Soto.  They offer music and a showcase of local art including hand crafted woodwork.  Tavern 16 is also home of the Stony Creek Band where Hank’s father is the lead guitarist.  Certainly a stop worth making while staying in Stony Creek.

The 4th Corner

The fourth corner is now occupied by the Post Office, but prior to the Post Office taking the spot it was a lodge known by the name of “Ethel’s” after it’s owner.  The Stony Creek Lodge, its official name, was the counter part to the Stony Creek Inn and was a place for hunters to relax.  It offered a bar, a stage for music, and a generally warm welcome for those just passing through.  Unfortunately, in 1990 the Stony Creek Lodge burned down and was then replaced by the Post Office.

John T. O’Neill Green Meadows Park

Other than the four corners, Stony Creek also enjoys the John T. O’Neill Green Meadows Park known mostly as “the rec”.  The rec is home of the a swimming hole, basketball court, softball diamond and backstop, playground and covered area with picnic tables, and a large pavilion on which music is played every Tuesday in the months of July and August.  The rec is also home to the “Mountain Festival”.  This festival was originally created to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the town and since is a celebration of the rich logging culture of the area.  Recent years has turned it into more of a traditional festival with the selling of local arts and crafts and games for kids.